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Delayed restoration of bridge is a headache to locals caught in traffic

The historic Georgia St. Bridge is way behind schedule, locals feel the delay.
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Locals aren’t happy with how long it’s taking to retrofit the Georgia Street Bridge on the cusp of Hillcrest and North Park.

The project is long over schedule, it was supposed to be completed by July 2017, but now it won’t be ready until next spring.

Most people are unhappy because of traffic delays and drivers taking side streets to avoid it.

This is affecting nearby residents and business owners who get caught in the gridlock.

"Traffic is very very bad because of the bridge, and I have to go around to buy stuff for my shop, and it's taking me longer to get where I want to go," said Milan Misic to ABC 10 News. Misic lives in the area and owns the Balboa Perk coffee and antique shop. 

The $14 million restorative undertaking is to secure the century-old structure in case of an earthquake.

A spokesperson for the city says weather and unexpected aspects of the infrastructure are making it difficult to drill and that is to blame for the holdup.

He assures that these findings are no threat to the public and will not raise the cost.