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Adult film star missing after boyfriend stabbed to death in SF

“They seemed like a perfectly happy couple," said family friend Gus Bean.
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Alkoraishie Ali - Facebook

San Franciscan Keith Harris was found stabbed to death in his apartment last week, and now his boyfriend is reported missing causing some people to wonder where he is.

Harris was found by apartment manager Paul Novales on November 2. He told the Bay Area Reporter that he hadn’t seen Harris in a couple of days and went in to check on him.

He says he discovered big drops of blood on the floor and smears of blood on the wall and the door going into the bathroom,” which prompted him to call authorities.

Police report that Harris died from stab wounds, but offered no further information.

His boyfriend, adult movie star, Ali Liam nee Alkoraishie Ali, who is in his early 20’s has not been seen since and nobody has been able to find him.

Ali also worked as a gogo boy for friend and promoter Gus Bean.

 “Nobody seems to know where he is,” Bean said. “His phone goes to voicemail.”

“They seemed like a perfectly happy couple. Keith’s an absolute sweetheart, the sweetest guy ever.” Bean adds, “Ali seemed like a really sweet guy.”

 Police have not named Ali as a suspect, but Harris’ twin brother is not shy about accusing him on social media.

“He murdered Keith, my identical twin," he wrote on Facebook, along with, “It looks like Keith made you happy. Why violently murder him? He was kind to you and you killed that kindness. You are a horrible person..."

Ali's last post on Facebook was on October 27, it shows that he may have been going to North Carolina to do a show. "Can't wait to dance there," reads the heading.