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Marines won't be jailed for lewd public acts

Ben James (left) and Luke Bowen (right) pleaded guilty
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Three Scottish Marines have been thrown out of the service for participating in “puerile and repugnant” acts outside a bar near the Royal Marine base in Angus.

Luke Bowen, Ben James (pictured above) and Jordan Coia (pictured left) were captured on CCTV participating in simulated sex acts and that evidence was later used against the trio who won’t face jail time but must complete several hours of community service. 

According to The Metro, Deputy Stewart Duncan describes the situation and what was caught on tape:

"Around 12.45 am an employee approached a manager saying there were a number of males with their genitals exposed outside. A member of security staff checked but found nothing untoward. The following day CCTV was reviewed and the incident was captured and reported to police. ‘The footage shows a former co-accused turning around and beginning to urinate.

Luke Bowen then comes towards him, bends down with his head at the other man’s crotch and is seen to be drinking the urine.

Luke Bowen then undoes his belt and begins to urinate then drinks his own urine.

Ben James then bends down and drinks Luke Bowen’s urine who then places his penis in James’s mouth.Jordan Coia then bends over and does the same.

Craig Lynch then bends down and places Bowen’s penis in his mouth and Bowen then grabs his head and pushes it back and forward imitating a sex act. Bowen then pulls his trousers up just as the security guard is seen to enter the picture."

The men have pleaded guilty to indecent exposure, but will not be labeled as sex offenders. 

The sheriff said: "It appears there’s an expectation that Marines participate in conduct such as this. This was puerile and repugnant as the narration clearly demonstrates."

New Now Next points out that this may seem like drunken horseplay, but Scotland historically has persecuted and put to death people who have participated in gay sex.

"Were Bowen and Coia gay men caught performing these acts, rather than drunk straight men, would they have gotten off so lightly?" columnist Dan Avery asks.