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Hillcrest smoke shop raided for synthetic drug spice

The Godfather Smoke Shop was raided for synthetic drugs, one arrested
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A clerk at the Godfather Smoke Shop in Hillcrest is under arrest today, he is suspected of possessing a third of a pound of the synthetic drug called spice and nearly $5,000 cash.

The raid happened on the 3500 block of Fifth Avenue on Tuesday and led to the arrest of 55-year-old Loay Lawrence according to Fox 5 News. He is also accused of having 375 pills of the drug Kratom.

These drugs have been banned in San Diego since June of last year because higher instances of over-dosing from the synthetics were reported. 

The smoke shop came under suspicion from a tip to police that spice was being sold there. If found guilty Lawrence could face up to six months in jail, three years of probation and a $1,000 fine.

“The safety of the public is jeopardized when synthetic substances are sold and distributed to potential consumers,” Narcotics Unit Lt. Matt Novak said. “Violations of San Diego’s synthetic drug ordinance will not be tolerated.”

San Diego Police Chief Shelly Zimmerman weighed tweeted her thoughts on Thursday morning saying that “spice is extremely dangerous.” She added, “Do not use spice and for those who continue to sell this dangerous drug you should expect to be arrested.”

Police asked for anyone with tips or information about the sale of spice or other synthetic drugs to call the SDPD narcotics unit at (619) 531-2468.