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Downtown residents were alerted to man who made mass-shooting threats

Police say a man threatened to perform a mass shooting atop downtown's Emerald Towers.
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ABC 10

Downtown San Diegians living in the Emerald Plaza got a warning from their management team this week about a possible threat from a man who police say they were investigating in conjunction with threats of a mass shooting.

The warning came in the form of a posted letter from the building’s manager which stated there was an “active shooter threat” and police told ABC 10 News a suspect, "has made threats of conducting a mass shooting off the roof."

Building security and police say they took the “threats seriously.”

San Diego’s historic El Cortez building was also on alert, putting up a notice with the alleged suspect’s face

Police say the man in the photo was believed to be behind the threats and is currently receiving care in a mental health institution.

The police department confirmed they investigated the individual and say he is not a credible threat.

Fox 5 reports that the man is homeless and does not own a gun; his doctor saying he was having homicidal thoughts and that's when he alerted others. 

The man did not directly threaten anyone. 

Law enforcement said they gave flyers to the property managers out of caution and to identify the man should he make additional threats once released from medical care.