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The New Yorker stands by their Pence "hang all gays" story

New York Post profile of VP Mike Pence alleges Trump "hang all gays" statement is factual.
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The New Yorker is the latest east-coast publication to be called out by the Trump administration for alleged “fake news.”

Jane Mayer’s article which has become a running story in the LGBT community claims in her profile of Mike Pence that Trump once said of the Vice-President's views on gay people, "...he wants to hang them all!” 

But the White House is calling foul on the news item.

“From start to finish the article relied on fiction rather than facts,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement to Politico. “The president has the highest level of respect for the Vice President, and for his deeply held faith. The suggestion that he would make such outrageous remarks is offensive and untrue. The anecdote was meant to divide, not unite and is completely false.”

The New Yorker was quick to respond to those claims, saying they follow the utmost journalistic standards. 

“The Vice-President’s press office declined to participate in this story for months, after multiple requests for interviews, comment, and fact-checking,” a New Yorker spokesperson said in an emailed statement to Politico.

“We heard from the press office only after the piece had closed, late Thursday,” the statement went on. “In the course of fact-checking this piece, we talked to more than sixty people to confirm the reporting contained therein, including senior White House officials, a senior member of the Vice-President’s office, the RGA, Rep. Elijah Cummings, and multiple people who were in the room when President Trump joked that Vice-President Pence ‘wants to hang’ gay people. We stand by the story.”