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Former Neo-Nazi comes out on TV

Former Neo-Nazi Kevin Wilshaw comes out as gay on U.K. TV.
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YouTube - thecouchtripper

Four decades serving as a British white supremacist and Neo-Nazi, one member reveals that his is gay and he no longer wants to be a part of that hate movement.

His name is Kevin Wilshaw and he was an organizer of the U.K.’s fascist National Front party in the 1980’s.  

He made a recent interview on Channel 4 to talk about why he came out and how he currently feels about the hate movement.

Wilshaw also tells the reporter that he has a Jewish background and was tormented in his group upon their suspicion of his sexuality.

“It’s a terribly selfish thing to say, but it’s true,” he said. “I saw people being abused, shouted at, spat at in the street—it’s not until it’s directed at you that you suddenly realize that what you’re doing is wrong.”

Wilshaw also says there are many people still involved in the movement who are gay like him, “And nobody could see the contradiction of it that you have an overtly gay person leading a homophobic organization.”

When asked why he wanted to come forward now, Wilshaw said,  “I want to do damage to the people propagating this sort of propaganda. I want to hurt them.”

You can watch the interview below.