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Trump spoke at Value Voter Summit, alludes to religious freedom

President Trump spoke at the Value Voter Summit on Friday.
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President Trump spoke at the Value Voter Summit today, and although he didn’t talk about LGBT issues at the anti-LGBT convention, guests did receive a gift bag which contained a flyer on the book “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality,” reports New Now Next.

His attendance at the convention makes Trump the first sitting president to speak at the convening which is organized by Family Research Council.

In his keynote address, Trump ambiguously made reference to religious freedom bills.

“Just last week, the Department of Justice issued a new guidance to all federal agencies to ensure that no religious group is ever targeted under my administration,” Trump said. “It won’t happen.”

He also let it be known that during the holidays, “We are saying ’Merry Christmas’ again.”

As for the gift bag, recipients received the aforementioned "The Health Hazards of Homosexuality” leaflet which states in part:

“The sexual revolution and mainstreaming of homosexuality have created a public health crisis,” it reads. “But the media give little attention to the danger of ‘gay’ and lesbian sexual practices and the resulting health problems experienced by the gay-lesbian-bisexual population. Worse, the medical authorities deliver mixed messages to those at high risk while failing to protect the broader public.”