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Added fee for Cox subscribers who go over 1 Terabyte a month

Heavy users of high speed internet will pay extra if they go over their allotted data usage.
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In this high-tech streaming age, families are making their homes geared more toward streaming via high-speed internet. And with that now comes an added cost if you have Cox Cable.

The company is going to start charging their biggest data users more money if they go over the one-Terabyte of data they are allotted each month to a tune of $10 for every 50 gigabytes.

According to ABC 10 News one-Terabyte is enough to, “watch 140 two-hour HD movies, 100 30-minute standard definition t-v shows, 1,500 three-minute videos, surf the web for 2,000 hours, and stream 500 hours of music in one month just to surpass it.”

That seems like a lot but 1.6 percent of Cox residential customers go beyond that every month.

Up until now, there have been no penalties.

But customers have received notices from Cox saying that is all about to change.

Cox says they don’t slow down speeds if people go over their allotted data.

Tech expert and computer repairman, Stanley Schwartz says one-Terabyte should be enough for most, but bigger families may require more.

“Not everyone’s going to watch the same movie, not everyone's going to be home at the same time to do the same thing, one kid's going to want to watch some child's movie on Netflix, while the parents are going to want to watch something else in the other room,” he said.

That doesn't include online gaming or other devices used for the internet. 

There is a two-month grace period before Cox will add the charges, and there is an unlimited plan available for an additional $49.99 a month.