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SDPD dismantle large homeless encampment downtown

Large homeless tent city dismantled by SDPD to curb further instances of hepatitis A.
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San Diego is currently in the throes of a hepatitis A outbreak and they have taken precautions to curb any further infections including dismantling one of the largest homeless encampments located downtown.

On Wednesday, the San Diego police department entered the tent city located at 17th and Imperial Avenue and began to clear out the several dozen people who lived there according to ABC 10 News.

Officers removed most of the people during the sweep, taking some into custody for undetermined reasons. Some of the displaced will be moved into huge tents, each can hold up to about 400 people

It is unclear where the remaining people will be located.

Hepatitis A has already affected 461 San Diegans and killed 17 within the last 11 months.

Health officials say the outbreak began with the homeless population and drug users.

The city has made a month-long effort to stop the spread of the disease by installing Porta-potties and handwashing stations around town.

These stations are also scheduled to be installed in Hillcrest according to Councilmember Chris Ward who told us last week that in addition to powerwashing Hillcrest's streets they are bringing, “handwashing stations and additional sanitation improvements for the neighborhood, we are moving forward with mobile showers and public restrooms, and will soon be bringing temporary shelter beds on-line with capacity to move hundreds of homeless San Diegans quickly off the streets.”

If someone is interested in a hepatitis A vaccine, they should call 211 or go to 211sandiego.org.