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SD installs portable restrooms, handwashing stations to thwart hepatitis A

After an outbreak of hepatitis A, San Diego is doing its best to prevent any further infections.

One way they are combating the disease is to set up multiple portable restrooms, four were recently installed downtown near City Hall. They will be maintained at least twice per day and monitored by full-time security.

There is also a hand washing station on site.

"The installation of more public restrooms is important to stop the spread of hepatitis A," said Jonathan Herrera, the city's senior advisor on homelessness coordination. "This is one of the many steps the city is taking to assist the county of San Diego in addressing this public health emergency."

According to Fox 5, 421 people have been infected with hepatitis A in San Diego County, 16 of those have died.

The majority of those who have become infected are homeless or illicit drug users health officials said.

Along with the new Porta-potties, the city has also begun to wash downtown streets with bleach. And an additional 41 hand washing stations will be placed in locations throughout downtown.

Free hepatitis A vaccinations will be offered at city libraries, including a clinic at the Central Library on Tuesday, September 19, from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Earlier last week, Mayor Kevin Faulconer said in order to help the homeless transition into permanent housing, the city will erect three temporary “bridge” homeless shelters.