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San Diego ranks fourth in Airbnb rentals this summer

San Diego ranks fourth in summer rentals for Airbnb.
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San Diegans are fourth on the list of top Airbnb rentals this past summer, behind New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

The company according to Fox 5 says 33,800 rentals were booked and that brought in over 187,700 visitors to America’s Finest City.

Airbnb also says those guests generated $72 million into San Diego.

Despite that high-ranking and revenue total, some locals are not pleased with the service because they say it brings in extra noise, overcrowding, and litter into otherwise quiet neighborhoods.

Regulating the online short-term property rentals have failed in the past because there is a question about property owner’s rights.

Last year a proposed ban on short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods failed to pass the City Council.  

Councilwoman Barbara Bry will bring forth a compromise to city lawmakers next month for another vote.

Bry will represent Carmel Valley, La Jolla, and University City. According to Fox 5, her proposal will allow short-term rentals in owner-occupied residences but not in homes with absentee owners.

Here are some of the details of Bry’s proposal:

— homeowners who want to rent would have to apply to the city for a permit;

— rentals when the primary occupant is absent would be limited to 90 days a year;

— the number of renters would be limited to two per guest room plus one other visitor per residence; and

— the primary occupant would be required to provide written notice reminding renters they are in a residential neighborhood and should conduct themselves accordingly, and giving information about parking rules and trash pickups.

In August of this year, we reported on a house in Hillcrest being used for Airbnb, and one neighbor said it was disrupting the neighborhood even at night.

“They are run as a mini-hotels with 1-night minimum stay, " posted Jules Fox on Nextdoor. "The unit behind me often has folks outside in the middle of the night laughing, smoking and enjoying their vacation while we are left to be awakened and frustrated.”