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Florida officers selfie has internet aflutter

Photo credit:
Gainesville Police - Facebook

As Hurricane Irma passed over the state of Florida this past weekend, a selfie taken by members of the Gainesville Police Department gave some people comic relief.

The law enforcement’s Facebook page has many pictures and videos of officers helping out citizens before and after the storm, but readers seemed to take notice of one particular trio of men on Sunday.

The photo of officers Nordman, Hamill and Rengering has already racked up 198,000 views and been shared 338K times.

The Department is amused at the interest in the lads, bringing some levity to the aftermath of Irma, but they say two of the men in the photo are married, only Officer Rengering (far right) is single.

The department also reminds callers not to dial 9-1-1 and specifically request these men to help with their emergency.

For those who want more than just a social media selfie of the men, they will be featured in an upcoming calendar with proceeds going to help Irma victims.

There were a few responses which pointed out that if the selfie had contained three women and men were leaving flirtatious responses, it might not be socially accepted. But overall the comments are funny and harmless.  

The majority of responses have come from the opposite sex, but some male subscribers have also chimed in:

"Sweet 8lb baby Jesus....I did it, I confess.. I don't even care what it was that I did, but I bet I did it. I'm the culprit. Handcuffs will be necessary. Ball gag is optional." - Matthias Schmarje

“In this week episode "when animals attack" we see the local cougars preparing to pounce on these three daddies I mean officers” - Jose Ramirez 

"I need to report 2 flooded basements." - Mason Maddux

"Thank you all for your service! But I'll probably need assistance at my apt. Lol" Jason Short