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Bonnie Dumanis officially enters race for County Board of Supervisors

Dumanis will campaign against another big San Diego political name, Nathan Fletcher, who is a former Republican.
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Former municipal and superior court judge Bonnie Dumanis has officially announced her candidacy for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, District 4.

She made the announcement on Thursday, two days after filing the paperwork for running.

"Today, I announce my candidacy for Supervisor and look forward to laying out my agenda for the future of San Diego," Dumanis said. "Over the years, we have benefited from steady leadership at the county but we are facing a lot of change -- and a lot of challenges -- and we need leaders who can put aside ambition and partisanship and focus on what's best for our diverse communities."

Dumanis had been one of San Diego’s top prosecutors for 15 years. She has the support of Supervisor Ron Roberts who is terming out after a 23-year run.

"Bonnie is a visionary with long and deep connections in the Fourth District," Roberts said. "She knows how to make a difference in people's lives, and I'm honored to support her candidacy."

Only one other Republican will vie for the Supervisors position, in a district predominately owned by Democratic voters.

She will campaign against another big San Diego political name, Nathan Fletcher, who is a former Republican.

In 2012, Dumanis and Fletcher were opponents in the race for San Diego mayor, but both were beaten out by Carl DeMaio and Bob Filner.

Other candidates include, Attorney Omar Passons (D), retired San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Deputy Chief Ken Malbrough (D) and Marcia Nordstrom (R).

Dumanis made history in 2002, becoming the first openly gay district attorney in the country and the first woman to hold a top prosecutor job.

She ran for District Attorney unopposed in 2006 and then again in 2010 and prevailed in the 2014 primary. 

Gina Roberts, President of Log Cabin Republicans San Diego, told SDGLN in a statement that she is pleased with the news of Dumanis’ entrance.  

“We will be honored to support this great candidate who has proved herself as an advocate for the people of San Diego as a Judge and District Attorney for the County of San Diego,” said Roberts, “and we look forward to working with her to defeat her opponents in the June 2018 election.  Our board will meet soon to consider an official endorsement.”