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Hillcrest CVS robbed again on Sunday

CVS pharmacy on 315 Washington Street robbed a second time.
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A Hillcrest CVS Pharmacy has been robbed twice in the last three weeks reports the San Diego Union Tribune.

Police say in the latest incident a man hopped over the counter at the big-chain pharmacy located at 315 Washington Street where he began to pilfer medications.

The suspect was masked say police and is described as an African American, 5 feet 11 inches tall and about 230 pounds.

The man intimated the pharmacist and grabbed the medications and ordered them not call the police until he left the building. He then ran off down the alley next to the store.  

Police officer Michael Sweet said he could not yet identify the drugs that were stolen or if the suspect was the same culprit who robbed the same location in August.

However, they are treating the robberies as “series related” events.