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Minimum day for some SD schools today because of heat

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Ken Lux

The first day of school for most kids was yesterday, but the San Diego sun doesn’t seem to care as more than 50 schools are taking a minimum day, and if you are a parent that can really affect your schedule.

District officials have been monitoring the heat wave and made the decision yesterday to close schools early today.

The following San Diego schools will have minimum days today according to ABC 10:

  • Adams Elementary
  • Alcott Elementary
  • Baker Elementary
  • Balboa Elementary
  • Barnard Elementary
  • Bay Park Elementary
  • Birney Elementary
  • Cabrillo Elementary
  • Cadman Elementary
  • Carson Elementary
  • Challenger Middle
  • Chavez Elementary
  • Chesterton Elementary
  • Clairemont High School
  • Clark Middle
  • Crown Point Elementary
  • Cubberly Elementary
  • Dana Elementary
  • Dewey Elementary
  • Edison Elementary
  • Emerson-Bandini Elementary
  • Euclid Elementary
  • Fletcher Elementary
  • Florence Elementary
  • Jefferson Elementary
  • John Muir
  • Jones Elementary
  • Juarez Elementary
  • Kearny High School
  • Kimbrough Elementary
  • Linda Vista Elementary
  • Lindbergh Schweitzer Elementary
  • Longfellow Elementary
  • Marcy School
  • Marston Middle
  • McKinley Elementary
  • Memorial Prep
  • Mission Bay High School
  • Montgomery Middle
  • Mt. Everest Academy
  • Ocean Beach Elementary
  • Pacific Beach Elementary
  • Pacific Beach Middle
  • Perkins K-8
  • Riley New Dawn
  • Roosevelt Middle
  • Ross Elementary
  • Rowan Elementary
  • Sessions Elementary
  • Silvergate Elementary
  • Sunset View Elementary
  • Taft Middle
  • Toler Elementary
  • TRACE School
  • Wangenheim Middle
  • Wegeforth Elementary
  • Whittier School
  • Wilson Middle

Because all of the above schools don’t have air conditioning or it's limited, officials declare a minimum day.

The school district is currently working on adding A/C to San Diego’s hottest classrooms and hopes to see the final one installed by 2019.

If temperatures reach over 95 degrees and 80-percent of classrooms don’t have air-conditioning, that school day is cut short.