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Gay Trump supporters rally at Charlotte Pride

Deplorable Pride protests at Charlotte Pride over the weekend.

In what may go down in history as the most divisive Pride season on record, gay Trump supporters along with religious groups filled the streets during Charlotte Pride over the weekend.

Most notably the gay Trump supporting group known as Deplorable Pride were front and center during the protest accusing the city's Pride organization of discrimination.

Deplorable Pride was denied entry into the parade because they wanted to make a "Gays for Trump" float. They promised to protest and this weekend they did just that. About a dozen people held up signs which read “Banning Voices is Un-American” and “True Diversity Includes Diversity of Thought.”

They posted on their website beforehand:

“Come and show your support for your fellow Trump supporters who are LGBT and are being persecuted by their own gay community. Please help us show that intolerance is not acceptable.”

Deplorable Pride organizer, Brian Talbert, said Pride organizers are the ones who are discriminatory.

“I’m living proof that they do not stand for the inclusion of all gay people,” Talbert told Fox 46. “Just for a political belief, I’m excluded and my group is excluded. So they’re hypocrites.”

 But Charlotte Pride says it is their policy to deny groups with anti-LGBT convictions.

“In the past, we have made similar decisions to decline participation from other organizations espousing anti-LGBTQ religious or public policy stances,” said a Charlotte Pride spokesperson in a statement. “Charlotte Pride envisions a world in which LGBTQ people are affirmed, respected, and included in the full social and civic life of their local communities, free from fear of any discrimination, rejection, and prejudice.”

On their website, Deplorable Pride says they started the organization because they feel chastised within the LGBT community for their political views. 

 "We were basically told we can no longer have a voice because we are gay Republicans," the website says, "They tried to silence us but only made our voice louder and our commitment stronger in obtaining true equality."