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Man finds intruder taking shower in his home

A Chula Vista man was surprised to find someone taking a shower in his home who wasn’t supposed to be there.

The homeowner says he walked into the home around 10:20 am Sunday morning to do some pool maintenance and noticed that the air conditioning had been left on.

The house is supposed to be empty, it is in escrow and no one has lived there for a few months. 

But once he walked in, according to Fox 5, the owner says doors were closed that are usually open.

“So, I opened the door and walked in the hallway and the bathroom door was closed and I walked up to the door and I heard the shower running,” the homeowner said. “Went back out to the pool and noticed the screen door was broken and somebody had forced entry into the house.”

He then called police and said they arrived about five minutes later, “They arrested the guy. He was in the shower.”

The intruder, the homeowner says, was taken by law enforcement without incident.

“If my wife had come here by herself and gone in the house she could have run into the guy," said the homeowner. "He could have been coming out of the shower and could have startled him and who knows what could have happened.”

According to the police it appeared the man had been to the house to shower on more than one occasion.