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"Numbers" nightclub closing for good on September 10

Numbers nightclub is closing for good on Sept. 10

Hillcrest is going to be short one bar come September, “Numbers” is closing its doors forever.

Located on the fringe of Hillcrest and North Park the nightclub was host to many events, including Karaoke night, “Uncut," and the popular Bear Night. 

Just this week, we asked the longtime staff and community member "Joe Bartender" about the rumors, he was not able to confirm anything, but did say, "all events such as Bears, Sabbath, Harness, Latin Night, and all my day time events have been canceled after September 11."

But today San Diego Gay and Lesbian News got word from owner Nicholas Moede, who is, of course, upset at the closure.

In a statement to us, he says Numbers has been trying its best to remain open, but the time had finally come to say goodbye. 

After more than 20 years serving San Diego’s LGBT community it is with great sadness that we announce Numbers will be closing and ceasing operations on September 10, 2017.

Due to a variety of challenges and changes in the San Diego nightlife scene, Numbers has been struggling for several years.

We explored many options for keeping the business open but ultimately there were some insurmountable challenges that led to the decision to close down.

It has been a privilege to be a part of San Diego’s vibrant LGBT scene and we have many fond memories of events we have hosted and the thousands of customers who have celebrated their love, freedom, friends and equality in our space. We are proud to have served as a safe space for the community and a place that celebrated true diversity and hosted events that catered to all genders, races, ages, and sexual orientations.

We invite you to join us one last time to celebrate Numbers over our final weekends in operation. We will be hosting a final Bear Night at Numbers on Saturday, September 2, a final Sabbat at Numbers on Saturday, September 9 and a huge closing party on Friday, September 8. On our final night on September 10, our Noche Romantica Drag Show will be a fundraiser for The Center’s Transgender Services program. All proceeds from this final night will be donated to the San Diego LGBT Center.

Thank you for your support over the years and your understanding of the difficult times we are going through.

-- Nicholas Moede , Owner of Numbers

We are not able to confirm what will replace the nightclub after Numbers is gone, but it will surely be missed as one of the iconic San Diego LGBT bars to have served the community since 1992.