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Hillcrest Airbnb is disrupting neighborhood say locals

This Airbnb is creating too much noise say neighbors.
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The highly popular residential rental app Airbnb is causing one Hillcrest resident distress.

She says her once quiet neighborhood has become loud thanks to the rental service.

According to CBS News 8, she isn’t the only one complaining about the noise coming from the home on Essex Street.   

“Honest to God, I just want him to be respectful of neighbors. That’s legitimately all I want. I don’t care if he continues to operate it,” said one of the neighbors. 

Reviews of the property from renters are stellar calling it a “full house of love,” but people who live near the home are saying something quite different.

One woman who wishes to remain anonymous because of her job in the medical field said she doesn’t have a problem with the rental, but sometimes it’s difficult to work from home because of the noise.  

It’s reported that Cody Calderon is the co-host of the property where the owner lives full time.

One Hillcrest resident, Jules Fox, posted her concern about Airbnb on the Nextdoor social media app last October. 

“They are run as a mini-hotels with 1-night minimum stay. The unit behind me often has folks outside in the middle of the night laughing, smoking and enjoying their vacation while we are left to be awakened and frustrated.”

"We choose to live in an urban area and with that comes all sort of things to accept in our lives," Jules added. "However, this is an experience that we do feel threatens, though that's a strong word, our communities. I get an individual using their home as an AirBnB and working with neighbors to make sure all goes well. This is a business.... run by an off-site manager.... and now, in my case, their are 2 of 11 directly behind me."

Councilmember Chris Ward said there have been several complaints about short-term rentals, an issue that will be addressed by the City Council in September or October of this year.