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Alabama Pride flag at high school, the pinnacle of controversy

Pride flag controversy at Alabama high school has petitions on both sides.
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A Pride flag flying at an Alabama high school has caused some controversy, and a petition has been created to take it down.

Constructed by the EDUCATE club at Auburn High, the flag is meant to promote diversity, but some think it is insensitive to other’s beliefs and should be removed.

A petition which has already gathered 270 signatures is addressed to the School’s Principal Shannon Pignato which states, “Flying of the Pride Flag can create a hostile and uncomfortable learning environment for students who come from families that do not support the LGBTQ+ community.”

It continues to say, ““We feel that an expression of these views only drives a wedge between students with differing view points and can alienate students with unpopular political and/or religious views from the popular majority in the class, further deteriorating the classroom and learning environment. “

However another petition in support of the flag has already gained over 4,500 supporters and it states in part, “Auburn High School is a diverse and equitable school recognized for its achievements in education.”

It continues, “In the real world, to suggest individuals be isolated from differing political views is an absurdity. To be made uncomfortable by opinions differing to your own is to function as a modern human. Attempting to insulate a student from political discourse would be an insult to their intelligence.”

Principal Shannon Pignato responded to an inquiry by the Huffington Post about the controversy, she says she is “aware of the situation” and "working with staff and students to address the concerns.”

“In our country today, people are often seen addressing their objections through violence and hate,” she added. “It is my sincere desire to assist our students in learning to address their opinions and values in a calm and respectful manner.”