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Hillcrest witness says deaf man tased by police over parking spot

Witness says that a deaf man trying to communicate with officers in sign language was tased in Hillcrest.
Photo credit:
Jay Heimbach - Facebook

Jay Heimbach was in Hillcrest this afternoon and says he witnessed police officers take unnecessary force on a deaf man trying to communicate with them in sign language. 

Heimbach, according to his Facebook profile is a host at the San Diego Eagle and is the “Owner and Creator of San Diego Eagle PUP Title.”

In his account of the situation, he says a deaf man parked in a temporary spot for less than five minutes when a meter officer approached his vehicle.

The deaf man, reports Heimbach, went out to tell the officer that it was his car, but was having a hard time communicating with the officer because he was using sign language.

He goes on to say that the officer then pepper sprayed the unidentified man and the “customer freaks out because he just got sprayed." He adds that a “cop runs over shoots him with a taser gun and tackles him down to the ground.”

Heimbach says he took water out to the man and a glass of milk to counteract the effects of the pepper spray.

In the end, Heimbach states that the officer said she tased the man because he put his hands in her face. He believes the man was trying to communicate in sign language. 

But one Facebook SDGLN subscriber, Greg Stark, in response to our story says Heimbach is mistaken and that his account is not true of the female officer. 

"I was there just as he was down," he wrote of the deaf man. "Witnesses said the man was giving [sic] a parking ticket and he was pissed, tried to choke her."

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reached out to the police department, and they confirm that a man was tased, but details of the incident have not yet been documented. 

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

Updated to include Greg Stark's account. 

*Images courtesy of Jay Heimbach