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Juggalos' Rally and pro-Trump March on same day at National Mall

Insane Clown Posse are scheduled to have rally the same day as Trump activists.
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Jerry Garcia has “Dead Heads,” Justin Bieber has “Beliebers” rap group Insane Clown Posse (ICP)  has “Juggalos.” Although the former probably aren’t going to organize a march on Washington anytime soon, the latter has scheduled a march and it may get interesting because of another group that will also be there.

Most Juggalos are simply fans of ICP, just like Garcia’s or Bieber’s, but a minority of them are also affiliated with criminal activity, in fact, the FBI has deemed them “a loosely hybrid gang.”

In retaliation to the FBI moniker, Juggalos organized a "Million Juggalo March" on Washington D.C. for September 16, which just so happens to be the same day as the pro-Trump, “Mother of All Rallies Patriot Unification Gathering." Both assemblies will be at the same site: The National Mall. 

Juggalos consider themselves “family,” one that does not support racism, KKK, or pro-Nazi beliefs.

Lyrics to the group’s song "My Axe" make that blatantly if not violently clear, “Me and my axe cut biggots' spinal cords in half.”

Interestingly,  the Trump rally is being advertised as a peaceful and all-inclusive march, but some feel its organizers such as the Alt Knights are likely to engage in street activism and confrontation like they did in Charlottesville last Saturday. 

Many across social media are wondering how the two contrasting rallies will play out, one Facebook member says, "so you're going to have nazis, antifas, a Trump rally and a million Juggalo march all meeting up- what could possibly go wrong- these are the end times."