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Jimmy John's sandwich maker puts anti-gay slur on wrapper

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WLOS News 13

A young man who simply wanted a sandwich from a Jimmy John’s restaurant got more than he bargained for after the sandwich maker wrote a gay slur on the sandwich wrapper. He then protested the store with the help of his friends.

Roy Philbrick of Asheville North Carolina is a regular customer at the local Jimmy John's submarine shop, and he says the name he uses to identify himself to order takers is “gayest of gay.”

“I’m fine with my sexuality, and I’m pretty out there, so I didn’t think there would be an issue,” Philbrick told the local ABC affiliate. “They always put “gg” or whatever the sandwich is, they never actually put what I put.”

That name appeared on his receipt which was fine, but there was an added anti-gay slur (pictured left) on the wrapper itself that caused him concern reports LGBTQ Nation.

Philbrick’s partner, Bastian Duran, says he called the store and the manager admitted to writing the epithet.

“I explained to her it was offensive, that was the main thing, and I kept repeating myself because she kept saying she was sorry and that she understood,” Duran said. “She explained that she was the one who wrote it.”

“And her response to that was, well I wrote it, and I was going to re-wrap it, but I thought it was too funny so I didn’t.”

The manager got involved, but didn’t corroborate with the sandwich makers confession, saying instead it was an “accident.”

“They changed [their story] about three or four times,” Duran said. “We’re not stupid, sorry.”

In protest to Jimmy John's, Philbrick organized a group of young people to boycott the sandwich shop which seemed to work as the owner of that franchise reached out to them to “make things right.”

Jimmy John’s fully supports the LGBTQ community. We do not tolerate negativity in our store, do not discriminate for any reason and we welcome anyone looking for a great sandwich.

One of my longstanding managers tried her best to comply with the name the on-line customer requested to be placed on the sandwich. We are deeply sorry that we offended the youth group. They have been great customers for my location over the years, and we have been working with them to make this right.