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Viral video shows woman confronting man flying Nazi flag

Photo credit:
ABC 10

As America is still trying to make sense of the violence that overtook Charlottesville on Saturday, a woman in North Carolina found herself face-to-face with a Nazi sympathizer on Monday.

Page Braswell who posted the video that’s since gone viral on Sunday night was in her car when she noticed the Nazi flag and a Trump sticker on a pickup in the driveway. 

ABC News reports Braswell spotted a man walking down the driveway and decided to question him about his choice of flag display which features the Nazi swastika.

 "Hey! What's up with the Nazi flag?" she asks after getting out of her car. 

The man, who identifies himself as Joe Love is instantly perturbed by her question, "What's it to you? Do you make the payments on this f***ing house?"

He continues to engage the woman, "What's it to you?"

"Because this is America, not Nazi Germany," she replies.

Love denounces being called a Nazi, but strikes back, “this is Nazi f***ing America.”

Braswell drives away but says Love kicked her car as she left.

The video has gone viral and some of the comments in her Facebook thread have lauded her actions.

 "You literally put your life in danger there," said one follower.

"Good on you for confronting him, though I'd advise against trespassing on private property, for obvious reasons. I'm not suggesting you take my advice or ignore it, but that's the least I'd advise," another follower commented.

You can watch the video in its entirety HERE.