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Man climbs billboard in Mission Hills early Monday morning

Man scales billboard, arrested by police.
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ABC 10 NEws

The San Diego Police Department arrested a man who had climbed atop a billboard in Mission Hills early Monday morning.

It happened at Washington Street at Eagle Street at 1:30 am police say.

The unidentified man was shirtless and barefoot, police negotiated with him to get him to come down.

"I come over here and see a man on the roof and I’m like it’s Spider Man," a witness told ABC 10. "I couldn’t believe it he had the whole Spider Man stance going on. And he was on top of the sign and everything, I’m surprised there wasn’t a crowd out here, it was insane."

He eventually descended from his perch after 30 minutes and police arrested him.

ABC 10 News reports that the man was wearing a hospital band on his wrist and had just been released from the mental health unit of a nearby hospital.

He was then taken back to the hospital police said.