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Could a Target Express be moving into North Park in the future?

The old Wang's Restaurant scouted as location for Target Express.
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Google Street View

In a meeting held in North Park on Thursday, Target representatives discussed the possibility of moving one of its mini-chains, Target Express, into the now vacant building which once held Wang’s Restaurant.

Many people told ABC 10 News that they wouldn’t mind having the big box retailer take over the space on University and Ohio Street which has been vacant for two years.

The meeting was only a “fact finding phase,” but if it were to open, they said they would need about 40 to 50 employees.

No plans have been finalized at this time.

Still, despite the positive reception from some, others wonder if a store of that type will affect other businesses in the area and if the look of the historic building will change.

One of the concerns is the fate of the mural on the side of the building.

Target Express stores are usually placed in urban business areas or around colleges. The first was opened in 2014 near the University of Minnesota campus. 

Designed to be easily accessible to public transit riders or local shoppers looking for less "pain points," the stores offer Health, beauty and grocery items as well as grab-and-go food options. 

Target has also looked into staking claim to property in Ocean Beach, but that community is not sold on the idea, they started a petition to keep them from taking over the giant antiques mall on Newport Avenue.