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Pedestrian trapped underneath car in Hillcrest

Pickup gets rear-ended and piles on top of jaywalker
Photo credit:
Jim Winsor

In Hillcrest this afternoon a pedestrian is reportedly trapped under a car at Tenth and University Avenue.

Eyewitness Chris Sweeting tells San Diego Gay and Lesbian News a speeding green Chevy truck was traveling east on University and ran a red light. It then struck a stopped silver Nissan on its front left side waiting in the intersection.

The impact caused the Nissan to spin into a crosswalk and a hit a crossing pedestrian.

The Chevy truck ended up smashing into a westbound Yukon waiting to turn left.

The driver of the Chevy then fled the scene.    

We have reached out to police regarding details of this event, but have yet to receive a response. 

This is breaking story and we will keep you updated as more details become available.

This is an updated story to reflect that the pedestrian was not jaywalking as previously reported.