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Travelers to Mexico warned about tainted alcohol

Alcohol warnings for travelers to Mexico.
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Eater Dallas

If you are traveling to Mexico anytime soon you should be aware of a recent alcohol warning from the U.S. Department of State.

On their website, they updated travel information for Mexico in regard to alcoholic beverages.

 "There have been allegations that consumption of tainted or substandard alcohol has resulted in illness or blacking out.

If you choose to drink alcohol, it is important to do so in moderation and to stop and seek medical attention if you begin to feel ill."

ABC 10 News reports that a 20-year-old woman from Wisconsin drowned at the Playa del Carmen resort in Mexico.

Abbey Conner and her brother Aaron were found floating face down in the swimming pool only two-hours into their vacation.

Abbey’s brother survived and said he can’t remember how many shots they had before swimming.

The resort says it was an accidental death, but the victim's parents think otherwise.

In another report, an Ohio couple staying at an exclusive resort in Mexico reported there was something strange in their margaritas.

They said the drinks were a different color before they blacked out.

Both doctors and resort managers say the guest had simply succumbed to excessive alcohol consumption.

The Mexico Tax Administrative Service said in a 2015 report that 43-percent of all alcohol consumed in Mexico is made illegally.