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Conservative organizations applaud Trump's military ban on trans folks

Religious forums applaud Trump's ban on trans servicemembers.
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As the LGBT community tries to grapple with the Trump administration’s decision to bar transgender people from serving in the military, several Christian leaders and conservative organizations are celebrating the news.

President of the Family Research Council applauded the President’s decision saying:

"The last thing we should be doing is diverting billions of dollars from mission-critical training to something as controversial as gender reassignment surgery.

However, the cost to readiness, recruitment, retention, morale and cohesion would have been even greater under the Obama policy.

As our nation faces serious national security threats, our troops shouldn't be forced to endure hours of transgender 'sensitivity' classes and politically-correct distractions like this one."  

And Micah Clark, Executive Director of the American Family Association of Indiana, said:

“President Donald Trump has stated in a Tweet that, after consulting with top military Generals, he will prohibit transgendered people from serving in the US military.

This is the correct decision. The purpose of the military is to defend the US, not to be a test tube of liberal social experimentation.

Those accepted into the military need to be mentally stable, mentally able, and mentally capable. A gender identity disorder is a mental disease that needs counseling, not camouflage.

“The far left and their allies in the media are going to flip out over this news. Homosexual activist demonstrators may well become violent. It would be a good time to lift up President Trump in prayer.”