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Log Cabin Republicans oppose Trump's military ban on trans folks

Gregory T. Angelo of the Log Cabin Republicans speak out against Trump's ban on trans servicemembers..
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Washington Blade

In light of Trump’s Tweet today about the ban of transgender men and women in the military, Log Cabin Republican President, Gregory T. Angelo, issued the following statement:

“This smacks of politics, pure and simple. The United States military already includes transgender individuals who protect our freedom day in and day out.

Excommunicating transgender soldiers only weakens our readiness; it doesn’t strengthen it.

The president’s statement this morning does a disservice to transgender military personnel and reintroduces the same hurtful stereotypes conjured when openly gay men and women were barred from service during the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ era.

As an organization that led the charge against that hateful policy, Log Cabin Republicans remains equally committed to standing up for transgender military personnel who put their lives on the line to keep us free.

Gregory T. Angelo -President of The Log Cabin Republicans

Trump’s announcement has citizens, and military personnel concerned about the future of the armed forces and the LGBT community.

The Log Cabin Republicans have had a love/hate relationship with the president stemming back to the 2016 election cycle when they refused to endorse him nationally causing some local chapters to support him on their own.

Republican Senator John McCain also made a statement about the military ban today saying that Trump should not have announced the decision on Twitter, adding that the Department of Defense “already decided to allow currently-serving transgender individuals to stay in the military, and many are serving honorably today.”

California LGBT civil rights organization Equality California called Trump's announcement, "more than a slap in the face to the estimated 16,000 transgender troops currently serving with honor and distinction. Contrary to the president’s statement, barring qualified and loyal Americans from serving reduces military readiness and only creates division, not cohesion. Transgender Americans have always been a part of our armed forces and will continue to do so in spite of today’s announcement."