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New coffee shop, bakery moving into Hillcrest

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Jim Winsor - Facebook

After Filter closed in Hillcrest last December, the community wondered what would fill that spot on the corner of University Avenue and Richmond Street.

The question has finally been answered: it will be replaced with another coffee shop, but this one according to storefront window dressings, will also feature a bakery.

The signage simply says “Coffee Shop Coming Soon” and “Bakery Coming Soon.” 

The theme appears to be “joy” with that word being used to describe what goes into both the java and the pastries.

At the time of Filter's closing, the owner, Steve Price, expressed concern about the neighborhood's safety and the rising cost of business space. 

“The decline over the years has been a tough struggle, the raise in rents here in Hillcrest isn’t of a fair market rate given the ratio of people, crime, transients and cleanliness," Price said. 

But it appears that Hillcrest is experiencing a renaissance of sorts with new businesses and eateries quickly moving into buildings that have been left empty by previous owners.

Back in May, Hillcrest experienced something they hadn't seen in 17 years: every storefront on 1000 block of University was filled and open for business.