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Bus 83 through Hillcrest may be nearing the end of its route for good

Bus 83 runs through Mission Hills and Hillcrest.
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Andrew Novak

For Hillcrest residents and employees who take public transit every day, there may be a change to a major MTS route through the neighborhood.

Bus route 83 runs from Mission Hills through Hillcrest and down Washington Street before it makes a loop up University Avenue for a short distance.

 Patricia Paylor is a daily rider who spoke to ABC 10 News saying she is worried about getting to work if the department decides to close down the route for good.

“If they don’t keep the route like it is, they’re going to have probably 40 or 50 people out of work,” she said.

Last year MTS evaluated its network of routes throughout San Diego with the Transit Optimization Plan (TOP) in hopes to streamline the system to keep it efficient.

Almost 6,000 surveys were collected and over 50 outreach meetings were attended by MTS across the region.

The finalized proposal of over 60 route changes was made based on rider input, performance data, and the most popular service routes.

But Paylor says that the information they collected may not be the most accurate. She says the surveys were taken midday when riders were less likely to be traveling.

"Everybody's been so worried," she said. "This is their bus, this is it. This is the only one that gets them.”

A spokesperson for MTS told ABC 10 that decisions in service are hard to make and nothing is set in stone.

A final decision will be made in September.