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Gay student forced to watch ex-gay sermon video

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Getaway Mavens

A student who attended the nation’s richest private school, The Milton Hershey school in Pennsylvania says he was forced to watch an ex-gay conversion video after being caught looking at gay pornography seven years ago.

Then in 2016, the student, Adam Dobson, filed a federal lawsuit to which the school called “outrageous.”

Recently, court documents showed that Dobson was forced to watch Sy Roger’s conversion video One of the Boys (see below) after “house parents” were alerted by the IT department that he had been watching gay porn.

The K-12 school doesn't have any official religious affiliation, however, it requires students get educated in “Judeo-Christian faith,” with weekly attendance to a chapel service.

Dobson, a freshman at the time, also says he was bullied by house parents after the discovery, “We would pray together to have God help me from being gay,” Dobson said, adding that they would also talk about, “terrible things that happened to other gay people.”

Two years after the incident, in 2013, Dobson attempted suicide and was expelled because of it.

At the time of the federal lawsuit filing, a spokesperson for the school called the claim, “an outrageous allegation and a practice the administration would never allow or condone.”

They have made another statement in light of recent findings but still deny the charges. 

“Unequivocally, the school does not promote or endorse any program that could be remotely characterized as gay conversion therapy. Any suggestion otherwise is a gross mischaracterization of our values and the environment on our campus.”

Dobson’s suit is claiming negligence and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.