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Trans woman in WeHo spit on, 'red flagged' by straight clubs because she is trans

West Hollywood resident Shayan Siren says she is discriminated by straight clubs because she is trans.
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Shayan Siren - Facebook

A West Hollywood trans woman who just wanted to go out with her friends to a straight club discovered that even in one of the most welcoming LGBT neighborhoods in the country they did not want her there because she is transgender.

Shayan Siren posted on Facebook on Saturday that she tried to get into a straight club called Hyde which is located right down the street from her house in the LGBT neighborhood of L.A., but she claims a promoter--someone she used to work with--"red-flagged" her across town because she is trans.

She posted a picture of the person who allegedly wouldn’t let her enter.

“Here is one of the promoters who apparently 'red flagged' me at all of the straight night clubs in Los Angeles,” she wrote. “All of the security guards felt a great deal of sympathy for me and apologized for the terrible behavior. All I wanted was a night out with my amazing girlfriends and we are all left disturbed by the world we live in.”

In a video posted on Sunday, Shayan wanted to thank all of her supporters and give a play-by-play of what she experienced that night.

But she starts by saying this wasn’t the first incident of discrimination she's faced in Los Angeles recently.

Last week Shayan says she was on the list to go Lana Del Rey’s birthday celebration at a club called 1 Oak.

“I walked in with a group of girls and they literally singled me out and they told me I couldn’t get in because I’m trans.”

She told her friends about the experience later and they were in disbelief, so they decided to go out again this past weekend to a different straight club. 

Again, Shayan didn’t feel comfortable and she and her friends left and headed to another straight hotspot called Hyde.  

In her Facebook video Shayan says once there, she recognized the male promoter and said hello; they had worked together years earlier. 

But the seemingly heartfelt reunion quickly turned transphobic she claims because she got a text while waiting in line saying that she and her friends were no longer allowed inside.

According to Shayan a security guard came up to her and said, “I deeply apologize but that guy that you were talking to, he red flagged you from the major clubs in Los Angeles."

Shayan asked why "He said it is because you are transgender and they just don’t want to bring that sort of attention to a nightclub…”

Another security guard came up to them and said he needed to escort all of them off the premises because people were complaining about her standing in front of the entrance.

"They said it was really bad for business," Shayan recalls. 

Her friends were emotional and scared witnessing transphobia first-hand.

But not deterred, the group decided to go to another club called Argyle. The beginning of the evening started out fine, but later on Shayan claims, a man began grabbing her inappropriately. 

She says she doesn’t go to clubs to pick up on guys. She keeps a low profile and is there only to have a good time; not be provocative.  

She says the man became irate after she asked him to stop grabbing her, and he began yelling things, calling her "sir," and becoming increasingly violent.

According to Shayan her friend got in between the two, but the man pushed her friend aside and spit on Shayan.

“In that moment I felt so disgusting,” she says. “I just felt, I just didn’t feel like a human in that moment. Then I threw my drink at him...but then he started getting more violent...and then one of his friends reached over and hit my head.”

From there she and a group of others went to an apartment with people they had met that night. Later that night, she was again asked to leave

“They pretty much asked me to leave again,” she says. “Because they felt uncomfortable because I was trans. I was doing nothing, just sitting around.”

In the end, Shayan says she doesn't want fame or thousands of hits on her video, she just wants people to be aware of what’s going on, even in the comfort of an LGBT neighborhood like West Hollywood.  

“I’m not looking for any sympathy, I’m not trying to get this to go viral, I’m not trying to be on Ellen Show I’m not trying to do any of that. I’m just trying to raise awareness and visibility. Because I think the more I silence myself…the less people are going to learn. But the more I put myself out there and talk about these issues, the better.”

She ends the video saying, "Have empathy. That's it. Just continue to be an empathetic person and live your authentic truth."

You can watch Shayan's full video of the account HERE.