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San Diegan attacked by Tijuana taxi drivers for using Uber

A man says he was attacked by Mexican cab drivers after he and his friends ordered an Uber.
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Eric Ivarra (pictured left) had just finished watching a Padres game at Petco Park and decided to take a trip to Mexico to spend some time with his friend who lives there.

But once he crossed the border and requested an Uber, his night became one of violence which landed him in the hospital.

According to NBC 7, Ivarra was attacked by Mexican taxi drivers after they approached him in a taxi zone.

“My friends told them no thanks we already ordered Uber,” Ivarra said. “At the beginning, there was just five to seven drivers, and then I turned my head to the left and I start seeing more taxi drivers coming out from the parking [lot].”

He says once he turned his back he was attacked and knocked out.

His friends were also accosted according to the report and left bloodied on the street.

“I can't even breathe,” he said. “I have to breathe through my mouth. And my arms hurt a lot.”

Suffering from a broken nose in three places, Ivarra told NBC that his shoulder was fractured and that his friends were left with stitches, bruises, and blackened eyes.

He says he believes he was attacked because he called the Uber service. He lives in Chula Vista and crosses the border once a week, but has never had this happen to him before.

He was planning on having a nice July 4th, but now that's being put on hold.

“I had my plans to make hot dogs and burgers in front of my uncle's house in Chula Vista,” he said.

Ivarra is an architect but will have to miss a month’s work while he recovers from his injuries which include surgery and physical therapy.

Mexican law enforcement says that have arrested three people involved in similar attacks in the past, but Ivarra says none of those people were involved with his incident.