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CA couple move to Portland, 'Move Back' painted on their home, car

Some people in Portland don't want Californians moving there.
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It appears some Portland residents are not too happy with people moving into their city from the south, especially Californians.

A report from KATU in Portland said that Preston Page and Jessica Faraday had a clear message sent to them when someone vandalized their car and home with harsh advice. 

“Move Back” read one, “Go Back to California” another.

The couple moved from Southern California to Portland earlier this year.

The City of Roses is quickly becoming a destination for people who want to relocate out of The Golden State.

"So much industry has come in here and, I'm sure, pushed some locals out. That can be rough ... you see housing prices double, or triple in the past five to ten years … I don't think it's directed at Californians, just noticeably because a lot of them coming up here. But I'm sure it's all the transplants add in the frustration,” said Page.