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San Diego husbands separated at Tijuana border, one deported

Husbands Angel Osuna and Loris Speltini were separated when they returned from Mexico, one deported back to Italy.
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Husbands Angel Osuna and Loris Speltini recently went to Tijuana Mexico together, but upon returning through the border crossing Loris was not allowed to enter back into the US with his husband.    

In a GoFundMe campaign created by Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen on behalf of Angel Osuna (pictured left - first picture is with his mother), she says their plight began when the Border Patrol took Loris, an Italian national in the US on a visa, away for questioning. 

Patrol agents said that Loris’ visa is invalid because he is married and living in the US, according to the post.

Angel is a US citizen currently attending UCSD seeking a degree in sociology.

It is reported that after the couple showed their identifications, Loris was then searched and taken away by border agents.

The couple have been married for a year. 

“Neither Angel or Loris were allowed to use their phones while at Border Patrol and once Angel left Border Patrol to find legal help, for many hours Angel could not locate Loris,” Gallagher-Geurtsen said on the GoFundMe page. “When Angel found out where Loris was being detained and brought him clothes and a toothbrush, Border Patrol would not let Angel see Loris.”

More concerning is that they are forcing Loris to be deported even though he volunteered to go back to Italy on his own.

The post adds: “An involuntary deportation could bar Loris from returning to his husband for years.”

An immigration lawyer was representing Loris, trying to push for a voluntary deportation so he can return on a different visa.

But according to Gallagher-Geurtsen, and a recent update, the Border Patrol didn't make that happen. 

“The bottom line is that Angel and Loris will most likely be separated - possibly for years – because, unknown to them, he had the wrong kind of visa,” the post continues. “The Border Patrol will essentially “punish” Loris with a 3 year ban for trying to return from a day trip in Tijuana with his husband to San Diego.

“The current US administration’s crack-down on immigration has resulted in a married couple likely being torn apart for years. 

"Angel is a low-income student who qualifies for Medical.  Loris also does not have financial resources.  Angel is on track to graduate UCSD next year and plans to go to law school. The financial and emotional burden this has inflicted could shatter those plans.”

In an update from yesterday, Gallagher-Geurtsen says the Border Patrol "snuck" Loris on an earlier flight, "Angel did not get to see him or hand him money so he can eat and travel from Milan home! He did not get to say goodbye."

Although the GoFundMe page was to help with a last-minute flight to be deported to Italy, it is also in place to help Angel recover from financial losses, legal fees and rent: he may have to move out of married housing. 

You can help Angel out by donating to his GoFundMePage HERE.