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MTS introduces a stored-value Compass Card

New Compass Card feature lets you store money.
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It’s finally here, a stored value function for your San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) Compass Card.

Circulate San Diego has been long campaigning to get this feature added to the card system and yesterday it finally went live.

This new courtesy aimed at occasional riders will allow them to load their Compass Cards with money, up to $300. That means no more trips to the ticket kiosk, or fumbling with paper money and change at the fare box.

Although it must be noted that for rail day passes, customers will still have to visit a ticket machine and follow prompts to use funds stored on the card.

Additionally, a bus rider who wants to purchase a transit day pass needs to tell the driver before tapping the fare box.

Passengers can use an existing Compass Card or purchase a new one at MTS Transit Store or NCTD customer service centers. Or reload it online at 511sd.com, or by calling the Compass Service Center at 619-595-5636.

It is also encouraged to register their Compass Cards at 511sd.com to check their balances if they get lost or stolen.

This update comes after a campaign by Circulate San Diego showing that America’s Finest City was way behind compared to other large metro transit agencies.

 “Sometimes change takes a long time, but it’s important to celebrate wins, and to recognize when public agencies respond correctly to the public,” said Colin Parent, policy counsel with Circulate San Diego. “With stored value, MTS is doing the right thing for transit riders in San Diego."

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