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San Diego dogs are dying after visiting local dog park

Dozer, a French Bulldog died after visiting the park on June 15.
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ABC 10

Although there hasn’t been any substantial proof that the Grape Street Dog Park has been the cause recent dog deaths, pet owners who have had their pets die after being taken there are worried.

ABC 10 News reports that one dog owner who wishes to remain anonymous said her Yorkshire Terrier died suddenly after they got home from the park.

Another owner, Bridget Martin said her dog also died after visiting the park.

Although the symptoms were not the same in all cases, people reported their pets were experiencing stomach issues, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The neighborhood is now on alert and some have avoided the park altogether, also hand written signs have been posted warning of the potential danger.

Dozer, a French Bulldog died while its owner Martin was out of town. Martin says she took her dog to the park on June 15.

Her mother was taking care of the 8-year-old dog, and on Tuesday it started acting irregularly.

“He wasn’t feeling well," Martin said. "(He was) throwing up and panting a lot."

Martin’s mother said Dozer seemed to get better, but took a nap and never woke up.

“We’re all just completely shocked,” Martin told ABC 10 News.

“He’d been happy, healthy running around more than I’ve seen in a long time,” she said. “We were joking around that he was going to live until he was 20.”

Martin originally thought that her dog may have suffered a heatstroke, that is until one lady came forward and said the Grape Street Park has had some issues.

“She said I know you’ve been out of town, but I just want you to know to there have been some issues going on at the dog park,” Martin said.

There is no proof that anything at the Grape Street Dog Park is causing the deaths, but Martin thinks there should be some kind of investigation.

“(Someone) should definitely look into it,” Martin said, “three dogs is a big coincidence.”

A City Spokesman sent a statement out on Thursday:

"The City does not use fertilizers or pesticides in dog off leash areas.

The City is aware of potential issues that can arise when some dogs are exposed to fertilizer or pesticides, and we take precautions to ensure the safety of dogs when they visit these off leash areas. "

There have been no new cases reported as of Friday.