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Are parking permits the solution in North Park?

Are permits the solution to the North Park's parking issues?
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ABC 10

San Diego parking has become so bad that some residents have to find spots several blocks away from their homes.

This has become increasingly true in North Park according to ABC 10. One Arizona Street resident says sometimes it’s a long-haul from her car to her doorstep.

"It stinks the next day because you can't just get up and walk to your car and when you're tired," said Catie Taylor.

There is one suggested solution that is already in use in Hillcrest, another neighborhood riddled with parking woes.

A permitted parking district is one that would forego parking meters and instead use a windshield sticker or placard that would allow owners to park in designated areas at certain times.

UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest already uses a similar system. Parked vehicles must have “A” stickers or parking passes displayed between 7 am and 7 pm.

 At least half of the North Park residents would have to agree to this type of plan through signing a petition.

Fees would be $15 a year and the San Diego City Council would have to approve.