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Man falls down Hillcrest canyon

Man gets rescued from Hillcrest canyon after a 200-foot fall
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A man fell 200-feet into a Hillcrest canyon on Wednesday, prompting the San Diego Fire and Rescue crew to respond.

Police responded to a report of a burglary just after 3 am in the 3500 block of Albatross Street in Hillcrest reports NBC 7.

Simultaneously, another call was received about a man who had fallen down a nearby canyon. Police say the man is believed to have been running toward the ravine and then fell from a ledge.

Police have not yet concluded that the suspect and the victim are one and the same.

His fall was far enough down the canyon that the rescue process was arduous.

A helicopter could not be used because of the terrain, and rescue crews had to rappel into the canyon in order to extract him.

Once the man was out of the ravine, it’s reported that he suffered a knee injury and was uncooperative with police.