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Video: Hillcrest business owner chased with machete by homeless man

Homeless man chases Hillcrest business owner down the street with machete.
Photo credit:
Mayer Reprographics

Like a scene out of a horror movie, one Hillcrest business owner was met with a machete brandished by a homeless person who he asked to vacate the front of his business.

In the video posted by Henry Mayer of Mayer Reprographics in Hillcrest, you can see him approach the transient in broad daylight and have a discussion.

Everything seems fine until Henry turns around and walks back down the block.

The homeless man suddenly digs through a box of his belongings at his side and pulls out a large machete which he then brandishes as he rushes toward Henry who has his back turned.

Henry says the incident happened on June 20, and police involvement was limited.

“That is a machete he has,” Henry says in the post. “The police told us the most they could get him for is misdemeanor brandishing a weapon. Be careful this guy is still on the streets.”

You can see the full video by clicking HERE.