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Dog rescued from Cowles Mountain after heat exhaustion

Dogs and humans had to be rescued at a popular San Diego hiking trail over the weekend.
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A Golden Retriever had to be rescued from Cowles Mountain after suffering from exhaustion on Sunday reports Fox 5 News.

Park rangers say the pet had been with its owner on the popular San Diego landmark since 9 am.

There is a heat advisory in effect until Wednesday, forecasters are expecting temperatures to reach as high as 105-degrees in some areas.

Said one ill-prepared hiker, “I only went up with 2/3 of a bottle, definitely my mistake. It was it was rough,” said Nina Adamowicz.

 Several rescues from the popular trail had to be performed on Saturday; two air-lifted, one by ambulance and five treated at the scene.

“With the increased hot weather, we got several calls of heat-related injuries, people going out and getting heat exhaustion or overheated,” said SDFRD Chief Steve Wright. "Our message is for people to be prepared."

San Diego firefighters encourage people to drink plenty of water and bring backups, wear loose clothing and leave pets at home.

“Every dog up there was panting like crazy. There was a dog that came up about a one-fourth of a mile up there that was panting and people were carrying their dogs all the way up,” outdoorsman John Allen told the news station.

Dogs, the elderly and children are most likely to fall victim to skyrocketing temperatures, but if you must go out, “Try to go at early sunrise or a little bit before sunset,” Allen said.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion include heavy sweating, feeling nauseated weak and dizzy.

If you must bring your pet make sure to carry plenty of water for them, but if they begin panting heavily or slowing down, turn back immediately.