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Hate group disrupts memorial at Pulse site, one arrested

Hate group infiltrates memorial at Pulse site, one arrested.
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As people gathered to honor the innocent victims at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando on Monday, a group of homophobic sermonizers disrupted the crowd and one was ultimately arrested.

One of the men who was a part of the Christian group wore a t-shirt which read “No Mo Homo in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Another member of the religious group began to block one law enforcement member and was then forcibly pushed to the ground where he was handcuffed and arrested to which the crowd begins to chant “Love over hate.”

A video of the whole confrontation was posted to Facebook by Stewart Moore of Orlando’s Channel 2 WESH. You can watch that HERE

Reactions to the scene are mostly positive, but some are questioning why the religious group was seemingly not allowed to protest in front of the Orlando Nightclub where 49 innocent lives were lost on June 12, 2016.  

“We don't believe in what these people do, in fact we are against it. They have the right. This is a free country and their speech is protected by the 1st amendment just like yours. Unprovoked, this cop bodyslammed this person and arrested them for NO REASON. If a cop did this to you or your friends, you would be up in arms. Because their opinions were not popular, you all feel justified. That is how Nazi Germany happened. Makes we sick.” - Christian Coffins, Facebook

Edwin Ro Jr. responded, “Was he told he couldn't protest? Not at all, he was just told he had to move it across the street. According to the ACLU "A police officer can order a "disorderly" group to leave an area, even in a place where they have a right or a permit to be, if that officer reasonably expects the group's presence will result in substantial harm or serious inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm. If you hear an officer give an order to disperse, you will be arrested if you do not obey." –Facebook.

Other responses seemed supportive of the police and their actions toward the group of religious picketers.

"Great job OPD!! Today is definitely not the day to protest your Opinions, very disrespectful to the people who lost their lives one year today!" - Erick Ho

"Anyone saying the cop was out of line is wrong. He did tell that asshole NOT to move any closer and the douche bag moved. So... there ya go. We all know that once a cop tells you to do, or not do something, that's it. You wanna be an idiot and go against the law? That's what you get. They're lucky nothing worse happened to them, which they deserved. You go to a place where people are mourning and disrespect them and think you're going to get away with it? No sir. It was peaceful til they showed up. They asked for trouble and got it. The end.” - Janice L. Almodovar

“This is disgusting. Earlier today I was at the events & everyone there was full of love and everyone wanted to comfort those who are still grieving from this tragedy. It's such a shame that in a time when our community should be overwhelmed will love, people like this still choose hate.” - Alexa Ciulla 

“This makes me physically sick to see such hatred in people who claim to be "following Jesus " it's horrific and disturbing . Let those mourn in peace and be surrounded by love in stead of just being an ignorant piece of garbage.” -- Alex Hurst 

Memorials were held all across the country yesterday to remember the innocent lives of clubgoers, mostly Latinx, who were killed at the  LGBT nightspot. 

San Diego held its own vigil, and read each of the innocent victim's names aloud at a special ceremony at The Center.