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Chinese gaming company buys the rest of Grindr

Chinese gaming company buys remaining assets in meet-up app Grindr.
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Chinese company Beijing Kunlun Tech Co., better known for its online gaming services, is taking full control over the world’s biggest dating app Grindr.

In January 2016 the tech company bought 61.5% of New Grindr LLC for $93 million. It was announced today that Kunlun Tech is acquiring the remaining 38.5% for $152 million, according to Reuters.

The app has had some issues over the past year according to users who say access is limited.

Pornography laws and other information restrictions limit the amount of information subscribers receive.

The country has access to its own dating app called Blued which was launched by former police officer Geng Le and has over 27 million users.

Grindr has tried to be more than just a meet-up application, bringing in a resident poet and editor-in-chief for a newly launched online magazine.