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Hillcrest is curbing service dog frauds

Some people are abusing the service dog laws in San Diego causing some businesses to crack down.
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Service dogs are always welcome into an establishment, it's the law. But some are abusing that privilege by bringing in their pets and calling them service dogs. 

This seems to be the case for several San Diego restaurants and they have had enough. 

In fact, the popular LGBT eatery and nightclub Urban Mo’s was experiencing such problems that they had to post signage in their entryway.

Mo’s bartender Jason Kordeski tells ABC 10 News that he has witnessed people trying to bring in animals that are not there for assistance. 

By law, Kordeski is only allowed to ask a few questions when determining if a customer actually needs animal assistance or is just having their pet join them inside. 

1) Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?

2) What work or task has the dog been trained to perform? 

Said Kordeski, "When you read specifically from that text it’s pretty easy to weed out whose lying, who’s taking advantage of it."

Several businesses in Hillcrest have followed that lead and posted signs in their restaurants as well to make sure that only service dogs are allowed inside and not pets.

If you want your furry family member to join you for breakfast, lunch or dinner, San Diego is a pet friendly city with plenty of options to choose from, although patio seating is most likely where you will have to eat. 

In Hillcrest,  Aladdin Hillcrest Cafe allows dogs and they will even bring him or her water.

Luna Grill on University also welcomes pets as does Babycakes on Fifth Avenue. 

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