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Eric Heinritz is SD Pride's new executive director

Eric Heinritz is San Diego Pride's new Executive Director.
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San Diego LGBT Pride Board of Directors has selected their new Executive Director, Eric Heinritz. The selection process was an extensive one, helmed by San Diego management support organization Nonprofit Management Solutions.

Co-Chair of Pride Bianca Burt was pleased to announce Heinritz's appointment in a statement made on Thursday through the Pride website. 

“Eric brings leadership, creativity, and a deep sense of commitment to our LGBTQI community. As a Board, we are very confident in our decision and look forward to working together with him to achieve the increased mission impact we’ve identified in our strategic plan.”

Eric is no stranger to Pride leadership. He was the first executive director at Milwaukee Pride and helped the organization increase its revenue according to a statement.

He also administered a $2.1 million operating budget as an executive in various roles at Milwaukee World Festival, including Admission and Beverage Director. He oversaw a team of 950 employees.

 After he accepted the position at San Diego LGBT Pride, Eric said, “Pride celebrations are a homecoming, and a safe place for all members of the LGBTQI community and I am excited to be welcomed into the San Diego Pride family.”

His appointment was based on the recommendation of the executive search committee to the Board of Directors.

That committee is chaired by San Diego Pride Emeritus, Jeri Dilno; Mama’s Kitchen, Executive Director, Alberto Cortes, and former San Diego Pride board member, Dion Brown along with San Diego Pride board members, Bianca Burt, Lynn Barnes-Wallace, and Jim Seal.

After four months of reviewing over 65 resumes from applicants nationwide, Eric was selected after undergoing extensive interviews.

Pride Co-Chair Jim Seal said, “I can’t thank the committee enough, especially our community members, Alberto and Dion, who gave so much of their personal time to ensure the integrity of the process and the outcome.”