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Chelsea Manning reveals her new look on Instagram

Chelsea Manning updates her Instagram with new look.
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Chelsea Manning - Instagram

For those of you who think Chelsea Manning still looks like her stock black and white photo or the artist rendition that became the avatar of her plight in prison, you may want to look again.

Yesterday, the infamous whistleblower was released from prison, and although she will remain an un-paid active member of the U.S. Army, she took some time yesterday to update her status on Instagram revealing her new look.

After seven years behind the bars of a military brig, Manning seems to have found her fashion preference sporting a pixie cut with eye-brow length bangs and low-cut sweater separate. Her outfit was complete with black leggings and Converse to match.  

“Okay, so here I am everyone!” she posted on Instagram.

She also shared having some celebratory champagne with friends and her first meal of freedom: pepperoni pizza.

Although she was never convicted of "aiding the enemy," a charge that could have resulted in the death penalty, reactions to her release have been mixed. 

Some find her courageous and strong, saying her hand in giving top-secret government documents to WikiLeaks exposed military wrongdoing. 

Others are not so convinced and say she is guilty of treason.

From the looks of her social media postings, it looks as though she is trying to move on with her life and do her best to put the past behind her. 

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