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More footage of great white shark off CA coast

Great white shark captured on amateur video off the shores of Southern California.
Photo credit:
William Steele

A new video from a Southern California surfboard maker shows that sharks are still congregating off nearby shores.

William Steele launched his drone over Doheny Beach in Dana Point and captured the image on Thursday reports Fox 5 News.

Great white sharks seem to be attracted to the warmer than usual ocean waters which lead them closer inland.

At the beginning of the month, 36 miles south of Dana Point, a Vista woman was seriously injured after she was attacked by a shark. Leeanne Ericson is a mother of three and remains hospitalized still having to go through multiple surgeries.

Doctors say she is recovering, but will also need a lot of time to heal.  

Earlier this week, Steele captured some amazing footage as he set his drone over the ocean documenting a single great white heading in toward shore.

You can watch his latest video HERE.

Here is the video he captured last week: